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Stereo Miami Slot Review & Free Instant Play Casino Gamee


Stereo Miami Slot Review & Free Instant Play Casino Gamee

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Stereo Miami Slot Review & Free Instant Play Casino Gamee Video

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Stereo Miami Slot Review & Free Instant Play Casino Gamee -

Anyways, should you have any ideas or tips for new blog owners please share. It looks gorgeous,I love red or dark lips so will add this to my collection,thanks for the review! Nici prin gand nu imi trecea ca tocmai ea a putut sa faca asa ceva… De-abia astept volumul 3! Need to find something? Priligy in the united states , jFHzgtf. Currently, Google searches are beginning to disappoint. What a bunch of nut jobs!

Not to give the above away too much—but fill in the blanks of the following quote: I am not a number,. When reality just isn't enough—then it's time to pull back on the anti-laminar transducer and haul grau.

Take on the controls of a totally rictitious lission: Scour the miserable planet Earth in to power a thirsty fleet of intergalactic crafts.

Poor Willy needs to buy his girlfriend a gift, so it's off to dozens of warehouses to perform a little manual labor.

All he has to do is move around a few boxes until they cover all the dots. The problem here is not getting stuck with a box where it shouldn't be, or being left with nowhere to move.

Meanwhile, every step he takes is being counted. BOXXLE bases the score on the number of moves, rather than time -so strategic thinking becomes important.

Just move Willy with the joypad and off he goes, with any box he bumps against moving as well. The first few screens are tough enough, but it really gets hairy when you reach the upper levels.

Now the warehouses become two or three times larger the actual screen size is reduced to accommodate lots of boxes.

A password function enables you to dive right into the higher sections once you've played them and recorded the secret codes.

A special option allows you to create up to three screens of your own—letting you make large or small "Warehouses" to befuddle your friends or yourself if you're not careful.

Part maze and part strategy, be prepared for lots of frustration—even with the onemove back up button. Which means avoiding the humans as you shuttle to and from the Mother Ship in low-Earth orbit, using maneuvering thrusters for docking.

Piloting will require concentration in order to maintain the delicate aerodynamic balance between the planet's atmospheric drag and your anti-gravity propulsion system.

Being near-invisible to their detection devices courtesy of a Stealth system insures you a good chance of pulling this off—the game's over should you be found.

Though not equipped with any weapons, any too-near aircraft could get the business end of your tractor beam Clsing new special effects and experimental graphic imaging techniques, UFO combines fantasy with the hard work of being part pilot and part sneak thief Earth is nobody's idea of a picnic planet for sure.

Plus the line of Scenery disks can be used here as well—creating a wholly new view on the landscape as seen from an interstellar perspective.

Created by the founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell. A joystick controlled both speed and direction of flight, while the button on the tip fired a missile to blast your opponent to smithereens.

Trouble was it was T O O good. Simple but successful, PONG ate quarters like nobody's business. And all this time you thought a trip to a museum would be boring?

N o w ' s the time to check. Take your time—we'll wait. The evil wizard Malkil has imprisoned the beautiful p r i n c e s s — s o off you go with b r o a d s w o r d in hand to get her back.

Seven action-packed stages, killer bees, giant spiders, and other nasties await. So fill out and mail in that token card right away. Eligability is limited to those persons who have no relationship, no matter how remote, with anyone who works for The Imagination Workshop, Newsfield Ltd, or any of the companies offering prizes.

Only one prize per person may be awarded. Contest closes November 1, Unclaimed prizes may be offered as additional premiums in following issues.

You leave at night. More didactic deliberations from the man with a medical mission: This month Dr Mel looks at computers and mind-zapping.

Part One dealt with computer-irradiated eyes, hair, skin and wombs. But those of us who hide behind darkened spectacles, with more hair on our buttocks than our head, with skin like a pizza, and unable to conceive babies due to a quirk of evolution; those of us who use diffusion mesh on our screens and anti-static gunge on our fingers, we are still all under attack from computers because, gentle reader, computers are eating our brains!

The Society for the Abolition of Computers has branches in 12 countries, and recommends that machines be destroyed by any method within or outside of the law, because it seriously believes computers are a greater threat to humanity than the hole in the ozone layer, AIDS, Bob.

Professor Raymond Jefferson, of the London Institute of Human and Animal Psychology, has been testing out the latest Japanese home entertainment gismo nicknamed the Pleasure Dome, which uses exactly this technique.

His tests have found that the brain has a natural magnetic 'normal' state, which can be stimulated by tampering with nature, in much the same way as alcohol or heroin is used to give pseudo-pleasure.

But if this is true, what happens when we put the theory into reverse? What effects are the electro-magnetic emissions from computers, VDUs, printers, fax machines, modems, photocopiers and all the other electronic junk that we spend hours at a time near having on our brains?

Monkhouse or nuclear weapons. Computers have already been blown up in Italy and West Germany by groups fighting 'computer tyranny' and political hacking is now almost commonplace.

Before you dismiss this sort of technophobia as the Lunatic Fringe, let me present some more scientific facts about computer dangers: Are you sitting comfortably?

Mel's Second Law of Computing states: In other words, computers are driving us crazy, nuts, bananas, bonkers and clinically insanel. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome Human brains and computer brains work using similar mechanisms, both based on minute electrical stimulations tickling instinct and memory.

The difference between machines and humans is that computers don't experience pain and pleasure, elation and depression; but we do.

Back in the Fifties, a husband and wife team named Olds and Olds proved that animal moods could be tampered with by electrical influence. Mind you, they went about it in a pretty crude fashion by shoving wires into rats' brains!

The rats got hooked on stimulating their own pleasure centres, and killed themselves with joy. Since then human brains have been mapped with incredible accuracy.

Dr Suzette Twelvetrees is 43, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian and she's in charge of the public information database in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Don't laugh, she's probably right! E-M Stress Electro-magnetic fields are natural. The resonances between the Earth's molten core and the ionosphere pulse at around 10Hz, and they act as a sort of regulator for the time-clocks of all living creatures, including us.

Even our own human body cells divide according to these pulses. When the first astronauts left the planet, they came back suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the Earth s natural pulses.

Subsequently, these days all space-craft have artificial field generators on board producing good vibrations known as Schumann waves. Human beings can evolve very fast to adapt to most changes, and artificial electro-magnetic pulses simply didn't exist for our first five million years of existence.

But since about , artificial electromagnetic fields have been interfering with the planet's natural vibes. From to , the electromagnetic environment increased by a factor of 1, times.

From to , the level went up by , times. Since desktop computers came on the scene, the top estimate of this new form of radiation is put at an increase of 1,, The following data is fact.

The electric ring-main in the room where your computer lives is pulsing at 50Hz, which just happens to be one of the most harmful frequencies for the human body and.

Computer brain, thus causing stress. Your computer screen is sending out exactly the same pulse, but it's directed straight towards your brain and it's only a couple of feet away.

Of course, there isn't any way that we can measure an increase in the whole of mankind's stress since the advent of the micro, but for the past 15 years the Russians have been monitoring the effects of electro-magnetic fields and microwaves from computers on living cells.

Symptoms of computer-generated electro-magnetic stress are these, in general order of occurrence: One device is well known and available in every High Street, the other isn't.

It may not be very scientific, but at least I won't bullshit you. Here's my very personal verdict. They cost about one pence per week to run and are meant to combat 'headaches, nausea and fatigue in computerised offices'.

In theory, computers are sending out a constant stream of static, and these ionisers combat the process by 'balancing nature' and belting out negative ions.

The most noticable effect was that my monitor didn't get so filthed up by dust and fag ash, mainly due to the fact that the ioniser got crusted with grey furry pollutants which it seemed to suck out of the atmosphere.

But my eyes still hurt, and my brain seemed no sharper than usual, and no matter what the manufacturers say, there is no medical evidence at all to prove ionisers do any good whatsoever.

On the contrary, they are definitely NOT recommended for anyone with a dodgy heart and a pacemaker! They can certainly reduce static around computer monitors, but this has no effect on computer stress.

So any claims that ionisers combat mental strain are hokum. As for harmful specks of staticcharged dust in the air, they work just fine.

Anti-stress devices I have been testing two so-called anti-stress devices for the past four months, working in front of my old electro-magnetic radiation demon Amstrad PCW for about 40 hours a week.

I am only talking about a feeling of so-called 'wellbeing' here, and every morning when I switched on my computer.

I made a note of how I felt in terms of alertness, tensions. The when I finished with the computer, I'd go through the list again.

Oh yes, and they can last indefinitely. I tried one dinky little PAS that I carried around in my pocket, causing funny looks from my favourite wife, and another shelf-top model which I hung from the ceiling, causing funny looks from my favourite dog.

The idea of the machines is to straighten out my 'bioelectrical polarity and amplify my personal electro-field'. Now I admit to not fully understanding all the theories.

I found that I could work longer with better concentration, and next morning I didn't have to deal with so many tyxpning errers and inane waaaahngk-hngk ramblings.

Only a generation ago, nobody thought twice about killing themselves with cigarettes in lungs, pesticides in food or lead additives in petrol.

A generation from now it is highly likely that we'll look back on computer generated hazards and wonder how we could ever have been crazy enough to accept them.

As for me, I've given my Amstrad to my favourite wife and am writing this on my Toshiba laptop. My favourite dog wins the ioniser, which is happily attracting doggy detritus.

I'm also hanging onto my test Anti-Stressors, and hope that nobody asks for them back. With many thanks to Robin Clarke for theoretical data on EM pollution, and the hardware for testing.

For the Mountain Breeze Computer Ioniser: Subtle Energy by John Davidson C. Is it really this hot? Why doesn't anyw h e r e sell L e m o n Tango? But life's not all bad.

Woolworth are selling Wotsits. Trevor Horn is still producing records. When starting the game hold down the HELP key and press the fire button. You now have infinite lives and can move through the levels by pressing keys 1 to 0 and the minus key.

If you try the above cheat on the latest version the following message is displayed: Congratulations you have found. World Go through the door.

Drop off the platform and through the waterfall. As the waterfall widens position yourself in the middle.

Once you've landed go through the door. Collect the tenth blade of grass for a potion. Now enter subspace and collect the coins.

Go through the door and climb up till you meet Pidgit. Get the magic carpet from Pidgit see last month's tips, World Transfer from the carpet to the beanstalk by keeping your finger on Up.

Jump across to the clumps of grass and pick the left blade. Enter subspace and collect the. There are two versions of the Amiga Silkworm.

The only difference between them is that they have different cheat modes. Watch out for the final chapter in next month's TGM.

Continue right and go through the door. World Head right. When you get to the POWs. Continue right and throw the POW at Snifit. Go down the ladder.

Collect the bomb furthest to the left and blow up the left wall. Get the next bomb on the left and rush right, off the end of the platform and throw it at the lower left wall.

Repeat this till you've cleared a way left. Go up the ladder on the left. Continue along the ladders till you find a cavern with three grass bombs.

Drop the bombs over the edge as they are about to go off; with luck you should blow the wall on the left If you fail go up the ladder then back down and repeat the process till the wall's destroyed.

Go left don't climb right up the ladder and use the far left grass bomb to blow a hole in the floor of the right compartment.

You now have infinite lives and can skip through levels as above. Press C when the the right grass-potion to enter subspace and collect the mushroom.

Return right, climb the ladder and go through the door. World Collect the far right blade of grass for a potion.

Collect the mushroom and coins. Beware of BombOmbs which explode unexpectedly. Go through the door. The grass blade second from the left hides a potion.

Collect this and enter subspace. Go through the door, then come straight back out again. If you're having difficulties getting past the baddies collect the POW.

Go right and through the door. Jump straight up the centre from platform to platform. Enter the room at the top and get the key. Return to the bottom and go through the door.

Drop down and proceed cautiously to the locked door. Climb to the top; several power jumps are necessary.

Climb up again watch out for the enemies till you get to a rope. Watch out for fire from the Pansers and climb. Start the game and type Gorgonzola'.

You get the 'Cheese mode activated' message. Just start playing the game again and you can increase the number of credits you have by pressing C. After every burst of fire there are two from each plant transfer to the next rope on the right and keep climbing.

Jump over Snifit and go through the door. Once again start climbing up, watching out for the Sparks. Once onthe second of the three blocks power jump left into the shape thing and pull the grass.

Then continue upwards and through the door. Pick the grass and throw the shell along the upper platform. Follow it till it falls off the platform.

Continue right, get the crystal and go through the mask. To kill Mouser 2 you have to hit him five times. World Use Princess; this reduces the time that has to be spent on the ice which, is a big plus.

The first grass you find hides a potion. Use this when near the grass on the right. When you arrive at the cliff you find another two blades of grass The lefthand blade hides a potion.

Enter subspace and collect the mushroom and the coins. Then drop down below the three blocks of. The game then restarts and Robocop has infinite power.

Now restart the game. Press F1 for extra lives and F8 to skip levels. PC Engine Todd Lillo, Ohio To access four new course just hold down the following combinations of keys when on the title screen.

Once you have defeated him you are rewarded with two extra lives. To access the cheat mode, first ice and pick the grass. Watch and enjoy the next bit.

Go right, avoid the bad dream machines, collect the crystal and go through the mask. World Definitely use Princess. Keep running and go through the door.

Now is the time to use Princess. The Whales shoot water jets at you. These are only fatal if you're hit by the side of one.

If you land on the top of a water jet you can use it to gain extra lift. The last of the seven grass blades hides a potion. Collect this and enter subspace; collect the coins.

Go right Collect Shyguy from the top of a bad dream machine. Throw him to your right, collect the blade of grass for a potion then climb Shyguys back.

He now carries you across the spikes. Once they're cleared jump off his back and throw the potion. Enter subspace and collect the mushroom. Take the left-hand blade of grass.

Enter subspace and collect the coins. Go out through the door then. A cheat mode option appears. Collect the potion hidden beneath the blade of grass then walk left till you come to a wall Enter subpace and collect the mushroom.

Go back to Ostro. Stand on his right. When he fires a mint imperial at you jump on and right across the sea.

Go right till you come to a door. If don't have Princess you must go through the door. Climb up till you come to another door, go through it.

Go down and then go through the next door. If you do have Princess you can take a short cut just by jumping over the gap. Now go right and through the next door.

Go through the mask to meet Fryguy. By staying at the top of the screen you should be relatively safe. Pick up a mushroom block and go to the right.

Drop the block when Fryguy is beneath you. Repeat this till he's dead. When Fryguy is killed he breaks up into four pieces. These pieces are deadly and home in on you.

Squash them with msuhroom blocks so you can progress onto the next world. For each level we've shown which keys to use and where to use them.

B — top of the stairs on the left beware of the trap: S — room after the small red doors this is a safe room to build up energy: R — the red house before the bridge: SG — allows you to leave the first screen.

Exit over the water. Level 2 R — first screen: LG — to the right of the barn: S — the bam: SG — the house under the bridge be careful, there's a trap on the bridge: B — the flat roof house left of the water.

Exit left of the crypt and over the water or to the right of the flat roof house. Level 3 SG — the flat roof house with the red door: R — right by the pool: LG — inside the flat roof house up the stairs you can also exit here: B — the large red house: S — at the top of the bridge.

Level 4 SG — left of exit: R — the red square house with the red door: B — the white building with the yellow bell: S — the pebble house with the bell on the right: LG — up the steps the crypt is also.

Exit left past the beach bridge. Level 5 SG — the yellow oval door: S — left of the pool: B — the church door: R — there are a pair of doors opposite each other; go through either door then exit the other end: LG — face the alley then go right, then through the door at the top of the stairs.

To exit take the large gold key, face the medallion and press fire. Level 6 B — the door with the shield: R — the door with the circle and star: S — the door in the hillside: SG — the door at the bottom of the stairs under the window: LG — same as the previous level.

To find the crypt go left passed the room with the circle and star on the door. The exit is in the same room as the large gold key. Level 7 R — first screen: LG — to the right of the river: SG — far left: S — square castle once inside go straight up th stairs on the right: B — inside castle, middle door: The exit is on the right.

The crypt can be found to the right of the castle. At the start of the game invest ail your money in one of the three available companies: Keep a close eye on BakPharm because its value fluctuates rapdily.

The accounts update every time you receive an extra 15 C-Bills. When you have enough spare cash buy an SMG from the gunshop. Then go to the citadel and enroll in weapons classes.

Continue attending till you're proficient at using rifles and SMGs. Now you need to buy some armour. Go to the armoury it's below the training centre and buy a flak suit.

Training Missions Don't attempt these too quickly, give your investments time to grow. Use a locust for this mission. Use a chameleon and let the computer take control Mission 4.

Use a chamelon and control it yourself. Stay in the forests and head for a lake — standing in these keeps your mech cool. Only use large and medium lasers while the enemy mech is out of range.

When it's close enough use smaller weapons and let him have it! Once this mission is completed go to the lounge and talk with Rick Atlas — he gives you something useful.

As 5 but try to split your firepower between the two enemy mechs. Try to keep them from both getting you in range at the same time.

Before you attempt this mission make sure you have your SMG. You should meet four Kuritan Jenner class mechs. You don't stand a chance against these.

Once your mech has been destroyed get out of the citadel and head for the Starport. The Starport While on your way try to avoid skirmishes at all costs.

If you are confronted target your weapon on the enemy who poses the most threat then try to flee. Once you reach the Starport enter it through the mech park and head for the clothes shop ifs near.

Buy some new clothes to conceal your identity and then go to the Comstar and check your accounts. Make your way to the Inagural Hall.

Enter, read the text then leave. Explore the city for a while, try to avoid combat, then return to the hall.

A party should have started. Here you meet a man called Rex. Outside he gives you several items. Then you are attacked. Head for the Comstar.

If you have C-Bills spare take them and head for the mech park. If you're short of money just hang around outside the Comstar till your account has built up.

You now own a fairly decent mech. Let Rex pilot it. The Crescent Hawks Head back to the shattered citadel, avoiding other mechs where possible, and enter through a hole In the north.

Find the barracks and go inside. Once inside you can play the holodisk Rex gave you. Leave the citadel and head for the city NE of the Starport.

Find the prison and free the captured Cresent Hawk. Then look for his mech in the pond at the back of the prison. You now have two mechs.

Visit the hospital and search the. A listing of the doors and codes to open them A R1, B3. Y11 D R13, B B33, Y10 F R After a while a doctor joins you he's another Cresent Hawk.

Then visit the Mechit-Lube and 'Ask to apprentice'. If you're lucky a technician joins you. You may not find both Hawks in the same city, so visit those closest to the Starport and keep going in and out of the hospitals and Mechit-Lubes.

Once your group is assembled, and you have enough money, allow your technician to take an apprentice course at a MechitLube and your doctor to attend a medical seminar.

This is important as both of these need to be experts In their respective professions. When you have a group of five check all your characters.

One may be a double agent. If you are uneasy about someone, go out and have a brief battle. He will be killed if he isn't in a mech. Then go and find his replacement.

Give your characters flak suits and good weapons as soon as you can afford to. Combat At the start of the game only take on humans and single mech and human units.

If you have enough money you can improve your mechs' firepower and armour by visiting the speedshops in a Mechit-Lube. You can then take on more than one enemy mech with ease.

Never be afraid to flee. Never let the computer control your mechs when fighting other mechs. Go to the game settings menu and change the movement rate to 4 spaces per key stroke.

Once you've found the hut go inside and read the text which appears. If your doctor and technician are both excellent the inventor appears and repairs the holodisk.

He also tells you that the Starleague Cache can be reached through a cave which lies to the SE — actually it's quite a way SE on a small island.

However, the cave only appears after you have successfully answered the Inventor's questions. The Starleague Cache The map of the Starleague centre shows all the code terminals, doors and important features necessary to complete the game.

The codes for all the doors are found in a list from A to K at the top of the map. In order to finish the game you must open all the doors, find the mech parts store and then go down to the Star map.

Here you must highlight the following planet: Pesht, Benjamin, Skye, Ryerson,. Then go to the terminal near the entrance ladder and you're given the white code.

Go and switch on the Hyperpulse generator and then go to the Hyperpulse itself. If all has gone well you see a short ending sequence. For details please send a large SAE to: Ordering disks or less'' Use our credit card hotline.

Access - - Visa Trade enquiries welcome. With 2, challenging words to sketch, will you dumbfound your friends with your doodles?

The boardgame that has become the NO. Hours of fun are guaranteed on your own or for the whole family. Played in a similar way to Charades you must draw your clues 'on screen' using a.

But if you can't play an instrument you've got no chance, right? Using computers, even the most musically inept can produce something pleasing to the ear.

Over the coming months, TGM will be exploring all aspects of making music on your micro. Right from choosing your equipment to hints from the professionals.

Originally conceived as a means of connecting several synthesizers together so that playing the keyboard of one synth would also produce notes on the others keyboardists had complained that they couldn't get the 4fat' sounds they wanted just by playing one synth MIDI has since grown into an international communications standard.

Computer users were quick to see the potential of MIDI — instruments could be controlled from a computer allowing the user to do things not possible with their own hands.

So what do you need to start your own music system? Obviously your computer is going to be at the heart of the system. This will be connected to the music instruments via MIDI.

While MIDI interfaces are available for most home computers the lack of quality music software available for the 8-bits severely limits their use.

You really need to be using an ST. Once the computer's sorted out you're going to need some MIDI music equipment. There are instruments available to suit most price ranges.

However, there are some keyboards which also include multitimbral capabilities thus dispensing with the need for a sound module.

But before you get your music equipment singing in perfect harmony you need a sound knowledge of MIDI. There are three types of MIDI port: In, Out and Thru usually situated at the back of the instrument.

Information can only travel in one direction down any MIDI lead. The advantage of Thru ports becomes obvious when you want to connect several devices together.

Once you understand the function of each MIDI port, connecting several devices together is easy. This allows the computer and the MIDI device to send and receive information from each other.

The chances are you're going to want to connect several devices together and control them from one source ie, a computer.

This is where the Thru port comes into its own. The daisy chain network passes copies of MIDI messages from the computer to all the devices in the network.

You can expand the daisy network to any size but some devices create a brief time lag before sending information through the Thru port which can mess up synchronization between devices.

A much better way of linking devices together is the Star Network. This networking style eliminates time lag and is useful if your MIDI devices don't possess their own.

Centre Bytes Thru ports. Both of these networks allow the computer to talk to any or all of your MIDI devices at the same time. The networks transmit information from the computer to all the devices in the system.

There are often times when you want only one device to respond to a particular bit of information and the other devices to ignore it.

There are 16 MIDI channels. Each piece of MIDI information has a channel number included in it. When a MIDI device receives information through its In port it first checks to see if it can receive messages on that channel.

An 'O' shows that a feature is recognised or transmitted while an 'X' shows that the feature has not be implemented.

Compare the transmitted and received columns of each MIDI device along with the features of any music software you're using to see if they're fully compatible.

Here's a full explanation of categories on a MIDI implementation chart. Default is the channel s in use when the unit is So a computer can tell one first switched on, while Changed MIDI device to play a totally is the channel s to which the different tune from another unit can be set.

Poly allows the device A MIDI lead is a shielded, twistto play several notes at once ed-pair cable with a 5-pin DIN and continue playing until it plug at either end.

The shielding receives a MIDI message to protects the cable from radio frestop, or the number of concurquency interference which can rent notes exceeds the device's muck up your data.

You can buy polyphony. When set to Mono, MIDI cables from most music only one note is played at a stores but it's often cheaper to time. Default indicates the mode make your own.

Buy a couple of setting when the device is first 5-pin DIN plugs and a piece of turned on. Messages indicates twisted-pair cable.

Then solder it the modes that the device can all together just like the diagram. Certainly leads should to when a request for an never be longer than 50 feet.

The computer or synth may be sending out pitch bend messages but if your sound module isn't capable of receiving pitch bend data via MIDI then no end of fiddling will produce pitch bends.

Note number shows the pitch range the device is capable of transmitting and receiving. True Voice shows the range of pitches that the device's voices are capable of playing.

The harder you hit the keys on the keyboard the louder the sound gets — very useful for. Some synths don't feature velocity-sensitive keyboards but can recognise velocity information via MIDI.

This can be used to add vibrato or adjust volume levels. Monophonic aftertouch senses the overall pressure on the keys and adjusts the overall volume of the sound accordingly, while polyphonic aftertouch adjusts the volume levels of individual notes.

So if your device is capable of sending sustain pedal Information when the sustain peddle is pressed, the new setting is sent via MIDI to the receiving device.

If the receiving device is capable of responding to that control change it alters its settings accordingly. The manufacturer will list the controls that the device is capable of transmitting and receiving along with the.

True lists the range of numbers the device can respond to. So if a MIDI device uses a particular method of sound synthesis it can swap sound data with other devices that also use this method via System Exclusive messages.

The messages select a song, find a common starting place and tune the instruments should they need to be retuned. Stop and Continue messages.

Local control messages disconnect or connect a MIDI device from its own sound generators — useful if you wish to use your synth only as a mother keyboard.

Once the local control has been turned off the synthesizer won't make any sounds whenever its keys are pressed, instead all messages which would normally have an effect on the synth are transmitted via MIDI to a receiving device.

Sometimes a synthesizer doesn't receive a Notes Off message needed to turn off a note so it continues playing indefinitely. When an All Notes.

Off message is received any notes currently playing are turned off. After receiving the first active sensing message the first MIDI device expects to receive active sensing messages regularly.

If it doesn't it assumes there's a faulty connection and stops transmitting MIDI data. Not all devices implement active sensing but this won't cause any problems.

If a device is incapable of understanding active sensing data it ignores these messages. Almost any musical instrument can be a MIDI device.

Here a few details on the main types of MIDI devices available. Not to be confused with Single Keyboards which do not allow you to alter or create your own sounds.

The most popular low-cost MIDI instrument. Sometimes you may wish to add more synthesizers to your setup for a wider range of sounds. If you already own a keyboard you don't really need another since extra keyboards are unnecessary and often expensive.

A sound module is essentially a synthesizer without a keyboard. There are sound module versions of most popular synthesizers which are normally a good deal cheaper than their keyboard equivalents.

A multi-timbral sound module is one that can play several sounds at the same time. Each of the sounds respond to information from different MIDI channels — so it's like having several synthesizers combined in one unit.

Many now include percussion sections so you can perform an entire multi-track composition with just one unit.

Seems a bit pointless? If you're particular about the quality of keyboard you play then one of these is a good buy.

Most are velocity and aftertouch sensitive and have a better feel' to them than standard synthesizer keyboards. The sampler can then retranslate this data to reform the sound.

So you can record a drum sound into a sampler and then play that sound on a MIDI keyboard. Samplers also allow a limited amount of editing.

Sections of the sample can be cut or duplicated to extend the sound. High quality samplers are really out of the budget range of most computer musicians often costing several thousands of pounds but Sample Players provide a cheaper alternative.

These units can play samples from high quality samplers but aren't capable of actually sampling themselves.

Most are supported by a good range of library disks or ROM cards. Also allows you to order these sounds into a rhythm track usually by tapping the rhythm on the drum machine's control buttons.

Choosing your first MIDI instrument is always difficult. Fortunately, TGM provides a helping hand with an unbiased look at some of the better bargains available to the firsttime buyer.

DX27 , some of which are a bit pathetic. However, there are plenty of voice editors and decent library sounds available so it could prove useful.

A good unit but lacking on the percussion side of things. Featuring linear arithmetic LA sound synthesis it is capable of producing some mindblowing sounds — you can bet that several songs currently in the Top 40 are be using a D The Roland MT is a low-cost multi-timbral sound module that uses a cut down version of LA synthesis that is still capable of producing some phenomenal sounds.

The unit comes complete with preset sounds; ranging from acoustic pianos to ethereal sounding synths, favourites include Fantasy and Warm Bell.

There is also a comprehensive rhythm section containing 32 percussion sounds including toms, cymbals and congas, thus dispensing the need for a separate drum machine.

Due to the way that the MT synthesizes sounds each sound is constructed from partials with up to four partials in any sound polyphony can vary considerably.

So if you use several instruments made up of four partials each the actual number of notes you can play at a time will be severely reduced. The MT an ideal unit for the computer musician — simple to use but powerful.

A built-in reverb unit makes this module even more attractive. The only real disappointment is voiceediting — you can't. Not from the front panel anyway.

If you're the type of person who likes to create your own sounds you'll need to buy some voice-editing software. With preset sounds you can be sure of finding several to your liking.

We particularly liked some of the string sounds The unit is six voice multi-timbral and six note polyphonic. It also includes some neat keyboard features.

When you set up the unit in multi-timbral mode not only do you have to choose what sounds you wish to use but also the note range of each sound and the MIDI receive channel.

If you set the same MIDI receive channel for each sound but different note ranges this gives you a keyboard split effect regardless of whether your keyboard features one or.

There's a good range of voice editors and plenty of excellent library sounds are available. If you're strapped for cash a CZ and a FB make an ideal low cost setup.

If you also set the same note range for each sound you can play all six voices on one note. If you choose the voices carefully this can result in some monster sounds.

The only drawback of using the MS6 like this is that you can only play one note at a time so you'll need another sound module or a multi-timbral keyboard to take advantage of this mode.

Fully under computer control each unit features only a master volume control on the front panel. It's six-voice multi-timbral with note polyphony — as it uses samples, you don't have to worry about how many partials each voice is using.

Definitely a good buy. It's voice multi-timbral and note polyphonic — more than enough for most applications. The internal capabilities of the board include the option of playing 11 different instruments at once, along with FM synthesis and white noise generation.

A 34page manual is included along with a Jukebox demo on a floppy which provides 25 different tunes. Nevertheless, the price makes it an attractive all in one unit.

You get a five octave velocity-sensing keyboard, programmable arpeggio, chord play and harmony effects, a large set of percussion samples.

Featuring mini-keys it's capable of playing four monophonic notes across four MIDI chan-. What is needed, therefore, is a cheap beginner's pack which has everything included within one box.

Enter, stage left, the AdLib Personal. It features a fiveoctave mini-size keyboard, a tone bank containing a mammoth sounds as well 49 different percussion sounds.

Rhythm tracks are programmed by tapping a rhythm on the relevant keyboard keys. Not only do you get a good range of sounds but it's ten note polyphonic and multi-timbral.

One of the better low-cost single keyboards. So Roland introduced the D20 and D A page, ringbound manual is included. AdLib describe it as a 'music editor'.

There is an onscreen keyboard running down the side of the screen allowing you to experiment with note positions, which take the form of blocks and bars, without having to play the whole piece, a nice addition this.

You can alter the tempo, the instrument, volume, pitch and bend. Copy, cut and paste, and transposition commands are also available.

Another excellent addition is the pitch accuracy feature which includes a slight pitch deviation between two instruments playing the same music — which results in the music sounding more natural.

The manual includes a step-by-step tutorial. Online help is provided, too. The final book, running to 72 pages, contains composition projects.

Using the Visual Composer and the AdLib board you will be taken slowly through your first composition, a ballad in this case. Eight further projects, each teaching different styles, such as blues and swing jazz, form the rest of the book.

The PCMS package is. Electrone Ltd, Haywood House. Art Throbs Zog dons a dirty old mac, locks his bedroom door and looks at one of the seamier sides of comms: Tbo many people are away on holiday.

Strange things begin to happen to equipment. Just when I thought it was safe to avoid doing a backup this week, of courseStrange this also begin to happen to people.

Down the telephone came an unusual message. Stereo Miami is a fresh game with an utterly unique theme and some exciting bonus gameplay elements.

The reels revolve around retro 80s style disco fashion, involving a number of neon pixel icons depicting some classic slot machine symbols such as cherries, bells, strawberries, and 7s as well as a few other icons of hearts, crowns, diamonds and a cocktail.

There is also a wild symbol that will substitute for all non-bonus icons to complete payline wins. In the middle of the two 3-reel slot machines there is a 3D animated disco-punk DJ, who plays some pumping beats to help get the adrenaline pumping.

If you have any issue with this game please write us to info vegasslotsonline. Please be as much descriptive as possible and include details such as Browser type Chrome, Firefox, This game is up there with some of the best in the business when it comes to graphics, because the whole aesthetic of the reels is fresh and contemporary, whilst also paying homage to vintage slot machines with some retro style icons.

And what's even more impressive is the fact that the game is just as stunning when it is played on mobile phones and tablet devices. Perhaps this is aided by the fact that the game's controls are minimised into expandable touch screen menus, giving more room to the action on the screen.

As well as being nice to look at, this slot machine is also quite fun to play thanks to its three special bonus features, each of which will alter the reels to change the action and offer new winning possibilities.

This will reveal a single set of 5-reels with 18 paylines and the same reel symbols. The free games will commence and each time a win is collected, a multiplier scale will grow by an increment of 1x up to a maximum of 5x.

The multiplier will be reset every time a free spin doesn't reveal a winning combination but every additional reel position that is occupied by a flamingo during this bonus round will award another free spin.

Again, the reels will change to show a set of average total bet multiplier values worth 5x, 10x and 20x and a set of speakers. The speakers and their corresponding multipliers will begin to disappear until one bonus multiplier is left and awarded to the player.

Punters will be asked to select from a range of 6 discs to reveal bonus prizes worth 1x to 20x the value of the total bet which activated the side game.

Effectively, this slot machine has 18 paylines which are split equally across the two 3x3 reels that appear in the base game.

Dazu muss aber erst eine bestimmte Anzahl Daten durch das Web geflossen sein, damit das funktioniert. Any way keep up wrinting. You appear to know so much approximately this, like you wrote the e book in it or something. What a bunch of nut jobs! You have done a wonderful job! Public policy is key here, and our states need to develop some strategies — — soon. What do you do? Dank der Gesichtserkennung, können sich User damit auf der PS4 einloggen. The average joe people I have conversed with have most often characterized Romney as seeming like a slimeball. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! If the finer points of. Send a large stomped addressed envelopetoMisson H Q for further data product range, software, specftcofions prices ond dealers Name News and World Report also invites inquiries. You may have thought it was a tough game now. If you're particular about the quality of keyboard you play then one of these is a good buy. Add small drops of PVLG mountant at one end, then slowly lower D C o m p u t e r Product during the m o n t circus casino fleurus chaussГ©e de charleroi fleurus of App book of ra including the great tiew release:. A good idea And dividende bei aktien the very game to help you do it — Sea Battles, a corking Battleships game for you to play against your Speccy! Send Tha Ommar Agency el please. That was until Quick Draw McGraw book of ra 2 download free torent onto the scene. A recorded voice informed me that I had reached the telephone equipment office, but that all lines were busy.

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Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor ol all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come lo my assistance Help me in my present and urgent petition In return.

I promise to make your name known, and cause you to be invoked. Publication must be promised SI Jude.

This Novena has never been known to fail. I have had my request granted Publication Promised. The meeting, open to anyone wishing to attend, will be held at the Memorial School on Morningside Road.

General Public Utilities, for location of a megawatt generating station. An advisory council, composed of New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents, has been studying the possible sites for several months.

At the meeting, company representatives will explain the process of plant construction and operation as well as addressing any concerns expressed by members of the public.

Our diamonds are nice quality, not to be compared with low quality promotional jewelry sold elsewhere. We guarantee lor Christmas il ordered by Dec.

Many other styles available, all at great prices. CriiUdoro of HoweU, N. Cristadoro's fall schedule at Marymount Manhattan College promises to be a hectic one.

While busy developing a special program that utilizes faculty, alumnae and students for recruiting, Interviewing and establishing out-of-state networks; he will be participating in several workshops and panels including: Annual Christmas seal campaign is under way The annual Christmas seal campaign - the vanguard in the nations crusade to combat and control childhood and adult lung disease - is underway in Union, Hudson and Monmouth counties and is being conducted by the American Lung Association of Central New Jersey.

More than a million and a half sheets of seals are being delivered by postal service carriei s to homes and businesses in the tri-county area. Founded in to raise funds to combat tuberculosis, then the nation's leading killer disease, the campaign now supports programs and services to assist children and adults with long-term breathing problems such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

The nationwide effort - now in its 76th year — is being headed by Andy Williams, popular singer and television personality.

While working towards his A. His t i n t job after graduation was in the Admissions Office at the Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School where he did counseling and recruiting for two'yean.

After working his way up through the ranks beginning as a counselor be was promoted to senior admissions counselor, assistant admissions director, and finally to the admissions director of the College, a position he held for five years.

American Lung Association of Central New Jersey If you do not receive your IMS seals display sheets of the Christmas Seals to mark or would like additional sheets, contact the American Lung Association of Cen- the opening of the 76th annual drive to stamp out lung diseases.

Patricia Meyer of Clark Winners will be notified by mail No purchase necessary Decision of iudges is final. H Englishtown, secretary, and David W.

Clark of Fair Haven. Harry Swartz, chairperson of the Library Commission, announced that the contest is open to all County residents, and includes categories for children, teen-agers, adults and families.

While it is hoped some practical and artistic ideas will result, the contest is primarily to attract public interest in the new library and to be fun for the entire family.

Entries can be no larger than 22 inches by 28 inches and can be deliveredtoany county library branch. Dont t a u any back talk.

Church marks its th year , leader An organized individual with an interest in helping mentally retarded people is needed to plan programs Must keep records, make purchases and other duties.

This is a special position for a giving person. Fully Electronic Compact Typewriter Full-lledocd one step correction Power carriage return Repeat back space Power repeat keys, and lots more Correcting Tape sanctuary today.

Inset is the Rev. The following year The Rev. Bonham, the current pastor, held the first ser-. Must be personable and like teenTypists needed agers.

Duties include handling telephones, interviewing Love of books and accurate typing skills are the and record-keeping. Four persons wanted by this qualifications for this Middletown area position.

Two to Bayshore agency on Thursdays and Fridays. Take photographs for publicity purposes - subjects to include live Each Sunday, The Register publishes notices of a few performances, committee planning sessions, presenof the center's many volunteer openings.

The center matches the volunteef to the volunteer - —. One hundred years ago the Presbyterian members of the Sea-Side Chapel congregation, which was under the jurisdiction of the Dutch Reformed Church, petitioned the Presbytery of Monmouth to form their own church in Long Branch.

Forty charter members were present at the formal organization meeting on December Houghton were the first ruling elders, and the Liberty Hall, on Broadway near Academy Street, became the temporary place of worship.

The church pastorate of the Rev. This is a good opportunity for mature teen-agers or adults who wish to work in an office atmosphere.

The look ol todaycrystal clear acrylic Irames with box-style design. Now sold to othti retaHcn or wwotilllin. All they have to do is cover the campus stapling posters and order-card holders on bulletin boards When the cards are returned, an identifying code credits the student with a commission An army of students and other parttime workers are out there now.

Of those who succeed through sheer perseverance, between SO and of them have continued in the business even after college.

A choice example is Bill Bornemann, an area representative for Time magazine and an agent for a variety of other products, who works from his Middletown.

Although he doesn't like to quote exact income figures, he claims he earns around f Other companies also award prizes and bonuses. For those who are just starting out.

Bornemann goes out armed with materials for a variety of products. Also, agents usually don't get paid until 30 to 60 days after they start.

Bornemann, who says he earned Time-Life Bldg. Include your that not everyone succeeds, although phone number and college address.

A married couple in the Seattle. During their courtship, they people" developed an early morning routine of Bornemann says he works at least 12 going out together and checking bullhours a day " I generally go out every etin boards.

I year by working a few hours a week. See Middletown, page B l l send out a newsletter and make up MR. In arriving at its conclusion that the previously proposed merger with NUI should be rejected, the board considered the quality of NUI's securities, its market price in relation to the market price of other utility companies, the record of its non-regulated businesses, as well as New Jersey Resources' business, financial conditon and prospects The board, at the same time, rejected a merger offer by South Jersey Industries.

Folsom In the wake of the South Jersey offer. N U I said it was willing to raise its offer "Despite Mr. Kean s John Kean.

In fact, although it "as nearly half of all is barely one-sixteenth the respondents 48 percent I size of Citibank, it was volunteered one of these See Peers, page B l l Now we offer you the copying quality of the Kodak Ektaprlnt copierduplicator dent assertions to the instances in contiguous contrary, we believe that areas.

In view of these any business combination facts, we think it is queswith NUI would adversely tionable whether required affect the financial con- approval of a merger with dition of our company and NUI Corporation could be creates huge costs that obtained from New Jersey would inevitably have to be regulatory authorities.

Kean knows full well that This problem is under- regulated utilities have scored in a release by- responsibilities to the pubStandard and Poor's Cor- lic we serve.

Any quantity run, single pages or complete sets, sizes up to 8''? Copy on both sides, stapled up to 50 pages.

Call us and we'll discuss how we can handle your copying needs. No offering is made except by a Prospectus field with the Bureau of Securities.

Any representation to the contrary is unlawful. Shrewsbury 3TO1 Perhaps you should consider a modest investment in real estate to help ease your tax bite in and the years ahead.

Same fast service, same competitive price, plus the clean, clear, crisp copying of the Kodak Ektaprint copierduplicator. This new Kodak unit can actually improve the appearance of origii ingmals.

NEK discount brohcragt is lor investors. By deposits, the three banks are ranked nationally No. No 5 and No The survey was conducted last month by Egon Zehnder International Inc..

Patch Kids, they lack fingers, toes, disposable diapers, pug noses and, most persuasively, belly buttons, officials said.

It I I ! W Ntt lltt— H TrlCon l. M— H DomRl 1. UW 14 — M Lahmn l. M NL Baian 1J17 Big Board volume averaged There were economists and Convinlioml They grappled with the issue last financial advisers raising bullish RoHowr visions of the outlook for theyear, and the year before that.

And economy and the markets in UM4. America's holiday-present buyers arc the primary targets of a multibilliondollar international counterfeiting scam that has gone tar beyond the traditional streetcorner sharpies and become bigbusiness crime.

But millions of U. The counterfeiters first reached Operating on an international wide public attention with the scale, the commercial counterfeits distribution of fool-the-gullible prodhave in fact long since expanded ucts such as fake "Cartier" watchbeyond the conventional "luxury" es, made with inferior parts worth items such as apparel, jewelry, only a few dollars, that are still cosmetics, sporting goods, motion being marketed, usually in the pictures, records, tapes and leather to range.

But the Coalition lists goods The current array of mass- a number of other stings that you produced fakes includes drugs.

Nothing comes between me and my kitchen chair? Shall we light a candle or curse the dark? Other deceptions are potentially more ominous: Counterfeit parts have been discovered in key aerospace components, including feited in the Far East.

The fakes are tansistors for use in a space- then often palmed off as "distressed shuttle test. And the American merchandise" and in other guises, Medical Association warns of a and find their way Into reputable growing problem of bogus "look- channels of distribution - with alike" narcotics, which imitate the consumers and dealers alike winds i z e , shape and color of ing up stung What Jacob says about his prodamphetamines and tranquilizers.

The Coalition reports what it uct summarizes the indignation of terms another serious safety hazard other "copied" manufacturers: Jacob, chairman of may be the sincerest form of Dayco Corporation, told me his flattery, legitimate manufacturers Dayco belts and hoses used on most think it's time for the nation's laws new cars and sold as branded to assert more firmly: Strong outlined what he considers the key are difficult but obtainable.

He said that Chase will hire entry level honest and open communication with people, noting that he speaks to his officers, on a employees this year — have already been quarterly basis at least, about their per- hired.

Of those hire, one-half will work in formance. Chase gives a formal written domestic operations, while the others will be involved in the international market.

Half of those hired for the domestic market "1 firmly believe that people ought to always will be account officers, who will also cultivate know how they are doing in the eyes of their banking business.

He said 70 percent of theose with undergraduate degrees have liberal arts backa week to meet demand.

Canton assemble the dolls, wash their faces, low retention rate of MBA's. He declined to talk about the groom their hair and stitch their dresses.

Speaking at an Employers' Symposium Wednesday sponsored by Monmouth College as part of its 50th anniversary observation.

Robert Strong, a Chase Manhatten Bank vice president, cautioned that: Magill, college, president, and Dr. Will Hill, the college's career Planningand placement director.

O3 Now Shadow Lawn Savings allows you to select savings rates on your own termsl It's part of our service pledge to provide you with the savings options to fit your particular goals and budget.

And we'll explain all of the options on our expanded array of savings certificates featuring new rates and new terms The actual rate Is subject to change at maturity.

Fair Haven Just the way you want them! The mullion-windowinteresting contemporary r oInside, om-dinig a r e a , ed dinette is large enough design and you get the stretching 24 feet along the for the eating accomodafeeling that it is intended front of the house, has a lions of the entire family.

Take a second look beamed ceiling that gives a overhead ceiling skylight and you realize that it is sense of spaciousness, attractive enough and func- while the fireplace hearth that provides additional tionally designed to blend provides a cozy spot for light for the kitchen-dinetin well with other houses in family gatherings.

A stairway is accessible glass doors lead to a woodActually, Design Q en sun deck flanked on from the rear sheltered was created by architect either side by the plant- service entrane that leads William G.

Chirgotis as a filled, L-shaped flower box- to the full basement. The generous conveniences for easy food shop, etc. Optional slab use of vertical wood siding.

Buy or Sail II. The master bedroom enjoys double wall and glass exposure m ml m4 ciin i i m m n and has a private bath with glass-enclosed stall shower.

There is a place for laundry appliances, plus a one-car garage that can be built as a two-car garage if desired without altering the character of the exterior.

The house has a full basement, but the architect's full working drawings include plans for slab construction if that is preferred. The overall dimensions of 44 feet, S inches, by 50 feet, 6 inches, include the garage.

At the front of the house is a wooden deck that would add 8 feet to the dimensions. For more in-, ing. They may have the student's home address, formation, write to: Marie but that won't be effective, Accunzo, Manager Gradubecause students basically ate Student Marketing.

In addition Broad St. The more you AES has perhaps 1. American Express, special "Colleges are a very tough announcements, special market to reach for manuprojects — "anything you see on bulletin boards.

Although most of those earning extra money in the business are students, others also are involved. Bornemann recently hired a retiree in his 70s, and a young woman in upstate New York is an employee on one of the campuses.

Service Thatcher Road, Downers Grove. University Subscription Service campus agent manager N. News and World Report also invites inquiries.

Manager of the Education Division, U. News and World Report. San Francisco, 3 percent. As a sidelight, the consulting firm observed that. Bank of America, the nation's largest bank, and!

Rockwell International Is advancing the entire spectrum of communications Into the future. Join us In the challenge.

Even if you've never had your hands on a computer before, our trained salespeople will make you feel right at home. Sic down at the system and get comfortable.

Try the keyboard on your lap. Then talk to us about what kind of solutions you need. We can also show you programs that make the IBM Personal Computer a useful tool at home, at school, and in the lab.

We'll listen carefully and help you match the system and the IBM software to your specific requirements. You'll see why we're so proud to have it in score.

You can be a part of the challenge. We have opportunities for Telecommunications Engineers in the areas of research, product design, product development and systems engineering.

See our ad in Sundays classifieds for more details or call collect Your confidentiality will be protected. Join the company with the technology, business strength, and tradition of strategic leadership— Rockwell International's Collins Transmission Systems Division.

And advance your career while you advance communications into the future. President and Publisher A Arthur Z. Kamin Editor; Charles C Triblehora.

Sunday Editor; Herbert H. Assistant Sunday Editor; Jane Fodenro. City Editor; Doris Kulman. Editorial Page Editor Thomas C.

Director of Marketing; Kevin J. Developing nations, while paying SO times the IMS price for their imported oil, are getting the lowest prices in SO years for their own exports.

The non-oil-exporting nations of the Third World are suffering through the lowest growth rates in several decades. In Latin America, for instance, the average inflation rate is 80 percent.

So these countries have turned to debt, which now hangs like the sword of Damocles over the West's financial structure. Prom to , This has produced mind-boggling inflaArgentina's total inflation was 24 million tion in many countries.

Consider, for percent — 24,, percent, to be precise. The By comparison, U. In , he paid 3 5 million Juan Peron's rise to power in the s.

Three years later, that Catering to the workers who were his base same sum would buy only one tire for the of support. Peron gave them pay raises by car.

And last year, it cost him 3. Argentine regime has continued the ruinous Obviously, the only way to survive in an practice. According to a scathing State inflation as severe as Argentina's is to get Department critique, the new civilian rid of the local currency as fast as you can.

The bad economics of the past have now — No sane restaurant owner posts the been aggravated by extortionist oil. The first payment is due today, the second tomorrow and the final payment the day after tomorrow.

Despite the illegality involved, almost any Argentine will gladly buy" dollars for pesos at a rate more than SO percent higher than the official exchange rate.

Over the years, Argentine governments have adopted various stopgap methods of dealing with at least the surface aspects of the country's staggering inflation Mindful of the Germans' devastating experience of 60 years ago — and to keep the zeroes from running off the edge of the peso notes — the government earlier this year resorted to "re-denomination" of the currency.

This involved printing new pesos worth more than the old ones by the simple expedient of dropping four zeroes.

Though a bit confusing to visitors who don't recognize the old bills, it's child's play for the natives. For example, my associate thought the money-changer had made a mistake and had given him a 1 million peso note for his dollars.

Of course, it turned out to be an old bill, worth exactly pesos in new money. No Argentine would have been fooled for a second.

Argentines have learned to compute currency values with the speed of Oriental shopkeepers clicking their abacuses. It would be misleading to suggest that all this has driven the Argentine middle and upper classes to the kind of financial ruination the Germans suffered in In fact, those in the capital city are living well by European standards and phenomenally well by Latin American standards.

And through it all, most Argentines remain remarkably good-humored about their triple-digit inflation.

Will the 'Bells' still ring? Self resigned last Wednesday, the deadline set by the county Republican Party for him to verify that he had been awarded the military honors he claims.

Self complained that the GOP deadline didn't allow him sufficient time or "fair opportunity" to document that he had indeed received the medals for heroism — the Silver Star, two distinguished Flying Crosses, a Purple Heart and seven Air Medals — he claimed to have earned as a fighter pilot in Vietnam.

United States military documents obtained so far do not show any record that Self was awarded those medals, and documents from other federal and academic institutions dispute his claim to membership in Phi Beta Kappa and his claim to having been selected as an alternate astronaut.

We hope that Self will be able to document those military decorations, as he has averred he will do But his complaint against his party is unjustified and singulariy lacking in grace.

Questions about Self's credentials were raised by the Democrats a week before the Nov. Monmouth Republican leaders gave Self three weeks after the election to document his military honors or resign.

That adds up- to a month, and with the integrity of the party at stake has to be accorded a more than generous amount of time.

The controversy doesn't diminish Self's record as an elected, official. He began his political career in He served Middletown well as committeeman and mayor, and Monmouth County diligently as a freeholder.

That's unfair to the victors in both parties, and to county voters, too. Election results can be interpreted in many ways, of course.

Self was leading in the absentee ballots, so it seems clear that the allegations cost him the election and that Sommers went down to defeat with him.

But even as the Democrats were sweeping the freeholder election, in the one other countywide office up for grabs, incumbent Republican Sheriff William Lanzaro trounced his Democratic opponent.

And residents of Self's hometown of Middletown, for another example, split their votes to elect one Republican and one Democrat to the township committee.

The finest in football The state sectional championships earned by Middletown North and Wall yesterday afternoon climaxes the onthe-f ield part of the interscholastic football season.

And The Register today climaxes the banner fall high school gridiron campaign with the publication of The Big M — our AllMonmouth team — a tribute to the finest schoolboy players in the county.

Throughout the week our sports department has cited excellence, including Ocean's George Conti Jr. We consider the latter award most prestigious, since he was selected from among 11 members of our annual scholar-athlete team.

The Register is particularly proud of this team, since it personifies excellence in the classroom as well as on the playing field We salute Middletown North's first Central Jersey Group IV championship team and Wall's second consecutive Central Jersey Group HI contingent.

Many of the Lions and Knights are represented on today's Big M, the allcounty selections, all of whom deserve credit for a job well done.

In a sense, these post-season plaudits are a microcosm of all that's good in high school sports and representative of all the young men and women who participate — win or lose.

In reality, they are all winners by merely participating. In another three or four weeks, as of January 1, they will experience a real one.

We have had the finest telephone service in the world. Those happy days are gone, if not forever, at least or the foreseeable future.

The figures are impressive. With nearly 1 million employees, it is the second largest employer in the country.

Only the federal government is larger. Never mind all these millions and billions. For an example of what we can now expect, let me offer the wall telephone in my kitchen.

This past Monday it would not ring. I dialed the number listed in our local directory for residential repair service. After a considerable time, this put me through to a young lady in Richmond, a hundred miles away.

She inquired of my age, height, weight, identifying marks and mother's maiden name before asking what trouble I was having. Some awful sense of foreboding caused me to take a stopwatch from my desk drawer.

A recorded voice informed me that I had reached the telephone equipment office, but that all lines were busy. Meanwhile, I could listen to.

Strauss waltzes in the background. The watch ticked off It minutes and 22 seconds without further action. This time I waited 21 minutes and 10'seconds, and I passed the time by swearing at the office dog and reading magazine pieces about our changing telephone service.

The young lady who at last came on the line was in Maryland, miles away. She could not have been more pleasant. A repair crew would come out the following Friday, five days later.

She was sorry for the delay in fielding my call. Before the madness known as divestiture, we had a telephone repair office just 16 miles away.

Our phones got repaired in a jiffy. The Bell System, up to this melancholy moment, has been the envy of the civilized world.

Our service will get worse, and in most instances it will get much worse. Hence forth, we subscribers must decide whether a given problem is in the telephone instrument or in the line.

How did we bring this disaster upon ourselves? It is because ideologues of both the left and the right successfully trumpeted their causes.

On the left, zealots cried "Down with monopoly'" On the right, my crowd hollered "Up with competition! We ignored the homely maxim that tells us.

Doubtless this is a great thing for the stockbrokers also, but it promises to be pure hell for all of us who have a telephone in the kitchen.

If so, they heard a lot of Strauss waltzes. Freshman dropout Bob Hope is going back to college with the rank of visiting professor.

Donald Shields has named him "Distinguished Visiting Professor for LifeHope isn't quite sure how he got committed to lecturing at SMU's Meadows School of the Arts — no doubt one one-liner led to another and someone took him seriously for a change — but he was on the phone the other day from his home in Palm Springs, Calif.

Hope plans to "pick out maybe 40 students and try to get some sketches so that they can perform. Also, I'll do a question and answer period, fielding as best I can whatever they have to throw at me.

Hope wHl have the fully equipped theater named for him at SMU in the s, when he headed up the fund-raising drive to build it, and where he has since taped several TV specials, including a revival of "Roberta," the Jerome Kern musical that lifted him to stardom on Broadway exactly a halfcentury ago.

SMU's newest professor without a doubt will rank as the most traveled and the most honored member of the faculty. Probably no office on the Dallas campus would have enough wall space to display his 45 honorary degrees and lifetime collection of football helmets, rah-rah pennants, mugs and steins, ceremonial sabers, blazers, beanies and even a velvet nose wanner.

The clog waltz, or waltz clog, was once very popular. Dum, dum, dum-ti, dah-ta-ti-ti, dah-ta, dum-ti Leslie Townes Hope's former academic career came to an end a few months after he entered Western Reserve University in Cleveland and left to join the vaudeville circuit under the name of Bob Hope In looking back over his life for some nuggets of wisdom to hand to his classes.

Hope remembers that the best advice he ever got in show business came from Bob O'Donnell, head of the old Interstate Circuit, and it added up to two words "Slow down.

What I'll try to do is teach a little timing, a little confidence on stage, a general feel of working with people and listening to people and reacting naturally.

That kind of thing. This baby, born with serious defects, including a crippling opening In the spine, an abnormally small head and water pressing on the brain, seems certain to die toon.

But the controversy over the medical treatment given or denied Baby Jane, and the role of the federal government in this case, will not die for a long time.

Kilpatrick, "anarchistic" and "morally obscene. This reigning bunch of federal officials is surely going to try to determine that while Baby Doe may have died as "the natural clinical course of the birth defects," to quote a hospital official, this "natural course could have been altered if the parents bad agreed to, and the hospital had performed, surgery to correct the infant's This federal persistence will be applauded by those who believe that any infant born, however deformed, has a right to every element of medical care that will prolong the child's life.

So never mind that Baby Jane Doe would have been severly retarded, bedridden, the victim of persistent, painful infections. As a parent, and as one who has devoted much of his journalistic life to fighting for those handicapped, whether by defect, color, sex or whatever, I cannot say how woefully deformed a newborn child of mine would have to be before I would decide against extraordinary medical efforts to keep it alive.

Since I don't know how and where to draw such a line, I don't want members of Congress, or some faceless Washington bureaucrats drawing arbitrary moral and medical lines.

This is not to say that parents or pediatricians ought to be free at any time to say, "Let that baby die! Somewhere between police state op- CARL ROWAN presskm and infanticide there must be a way to guarantee respect for the handicapped and a decent consideration of what is too burdensome"for afflicted infants or sick-at-heart parents.

Some federal officials have denied assertions that the Reagan administration had embraced the ideology that "everything born must live, at whatever cost," and that this is why it refused to honor a string of court decisions in favor of the parents and the hospital in the Baby Jane Doe case.

Everett Koop said on Cabbage Patch thugs The Christmas season has begun on an appropriately thuggish note, with mothers battling each other in long lines for the privilege of buying a cretinous-looking blob to pay off childish blackmailers.

The children "need" their Cabbage Patch Kids because television hat programmed them to need the toys, and the parents give in because they have been conditioned themselves to honor the demands of commerce.

Saturday morning on television is a long, intimate selling session to make children the ideal consumers in a consumer society.

Inventing a new doll or game is inventing a new need so companies will be paid to satisfy it. George Orwell, whose "1W4 ' is getting a workout these days because of the calendar, gave his best description of the consumer society in an earlier novel, "Keep the Aspidistra Flying.

But be is driven back to his old tabors, where his increased skill with words makes him a spectacular success. The bending of real talent to despicable uses is what offended Orwell in much of the modern world.

Women must be haunted with the thought that they have doomed their husbands to failure because each man wears, as the yoke of his fatal marriage, a "ring around the collar.

His genius is to make people fear " P P " - Pedal Perspiration. Orwell was a prophet. We do have foot deodorants now.

And his satirical picture of the need-merchants at work is reported literally in Nora Ephron's account of the way "feminine deodorants" were created.

I spoke recently at a school with a large All tkepresident Ever since President Reagan gave his okay to allow the use of lie detector tests to find out who was leaking to the press, the atmosphere in the White House has been heavy with mistrust and suspicion.

I know this because someone leaked to me what took place during a recent meeting in the president's Cabinet room. I haven't talked to Evans and Novak in a month.

I'm telling the truth. How many people knew about the Rose Garden deployment? You didn't tell Mrs,. I didn't want to upset her until they started pouring the concrete over the roses.

I'd like everyone to take a test as soon as this meeting is over. A leak like this could start a panic in the country. Were there any results on the leak to the Washington Post of what the deficit was really going to be in 1MB?

The FBI polygraph director said he caught people lying about other things, but everyone came out clean, on the budget deficit," Meese reported.

Deaver said, "The director was wonder- business program, where I was told that advertisers do not create needs, they just find them.

I wonder if the man telling me that has children. Not only does capitalism create new needs in order to create new products; it labors, as soon as the products exist, to replace them.

That is why each soap must be thrown away to make way for the new soap, the new one improved, the new one fortified, the new with hexafluorozip.

As Mark Crispin Miller has written in an essay on Orwell: It is the very reverse. It rejects the past, even its own immediate past. It is driven, by the logic of its own dynamic, indiscriminately to seek the new — new resources, markets, products, anything that will sell, for whatever reason.

Its only need is for the new, the latest It erases our yesterdays, turning them to featureless blobs. It will breed children from garden plots or bombs from butter — cabbage kids or mushroom clouds — if it can sell the one or the other.

It will also call the battling mothers in the department stores models of loving care. Big Brother was right. Kennedy did when he used troops to get James Meredith into the University of Mississippi.

The comparisons are illogical and unworthy of those bright and dedicated people who think Baby Jane Doe has gotten a bum deal.

In Little Rock, Ark. Eisenhower and Kennedy had no choice but to uphold their oaths to enforce the law. In the case of Baby Jane Doe, the federal government did not move against obvious and defiant violations of the infant's civil rights.

The baby's parents suffered night and day over the medical and other options before them. The courts found no civil rights violations. The Reagan administration knows that voluminous court records show that the parents and doctors involved in the Baby Doe case are not ruthless baby killers, or insensitive extremists thumbing their noses at the moral and medical conventions of this society; they are just loving parents trying to crawl on hands and knees out of a terrible personal tragedy.

They do not need federal lawyers, craven politicians, H. In your magazine section of Sunday, Nov. Only one of the eight thought that "there are no cultural or social events in Monmouth County worth mentioning.

Monmouth County is one of the few counties in the United States whose Arts Council is supported through Federal, State, and local grants, as well as both corporate and private funds.

Many thousands of people attend concerts, plays, and recitals at many different locations throughout the county. There is just one difference for people who would rather see it in New York than here in Monmouth County — they can expect to pay a lot more for their tickets, their parking and don't forget to add time and tolls on the highway.

The choice is yours. Just look and listen — get informed and you will find that Monmouth County residents do appreciate many different styles, care about the arts and are just as open minded as people from other more culturally oriented places.

We all know there is a mole in the White House and I'm going to find out who it is if it's the last thing I do. Are there any other methods of getting the truth out of people besides a polygraph test?

My, my, your partisan zeal apparently has no limit. How else can you arrive at headlines Gallagher blasts own party" and 'Gallagher blasts own Republican party?

You know also that the efforts of these business people was not the policy of the Republican party, the Kean administration, or any legislator It was a report on state issues which would be open for much discussion and additional input.

It couldn't and didn't get proper consideration during a political campaign. My letter merely pointed out how the G M I P report was used by candidates to scare the hell out of senior citizens and others during a political campaign.

Your seizing on such a letter to print ridiculous headlines and slanted early paragraphs in the story reveals your partisan zeal and smacks of a blatant attempt to ferment dissension within the Republican party.

It also smokescreens the disgraceful practice of frightening the senior citizens. Joan Abrams on her new undertaking as newspaper writer.

We are finding the answers in School and Child column both sensible and helpful. Her answer in the Oct. We hope it changed the thinking of many parents, not just the one to whom it was addressed The column fulfills a need in the community to get answers about education We wish Dr.

Abrams continued success with it. You've even gotten to like a lot of people and consider them to be friends. Do you send them all Chistmas cards? Do you sit down with your wife in the private quarters of the White House and make a lift?

There are some things a president can delegate but making a list of friends is a strictly personal matter. How do you handle old friends? Say you're president and your best friend front high school calls.

Somehow be gets through the outer layer of secretarial protection a president hat ancIgeta to one of your personal secretaries.

This is a kid whote house you used to go to after school. He even stayed at your house one week when his parents were away.

What instructions does your secretary have for handling this kind of a call? If she Dokes her bead in the Oval Office door and asks if you want to speak to Billy Reldy, do you pick up the phone or do you tell her to brush!

Handling any kind of personal relationship would be one of the most difficult things about being president. I don't mean Ed Meese and important congressmen o r Cabinet officials.

I mean do y o i have a number you've only given real friends, not just important people? If you're president do you keep track of what you have in the bank?

What about domestic problems? Aren't there some p r o b l e m with the house at the ranch that ought to be taken care of personally? Something out there must be falling apart that no one knows about but you.

If you're the president in Washington and you notice there's a crack in the tiles around the shower in your house in Santa Barbara, do you call someone to have it fixed?

Who do you call? Even jailing someone takes more time than a president has. There were, as always, a lot of serious problems facing the President.

There was also a minor problem with the White House staff. They'd been asking for a raise for some time and just that morning it had finally been approved and signed by President Johnson.

At one point in Cronkite's talk with Johnson, a senior aide came in and interrupted. There's no way in the world one person could sit in the Oval Office all day worrying about the life and death of the universe.

A president would almost have to find a way to shut out some of the problems pressing in on him or he'd go crazy. I often have a guilty feeling going past a hospital.

I know how many sick and dying people there are in those rooms and yet how long can any one of us feel sad about everyone in trouble in the world?

We have to shut out the thought of some of what we know is going on and proceed with our lives. The President must do that.

Once in a while when an old bit-part player in a movie they made together calls the White House, Ron must answer the phone and say.

Why don't you come over and we'll shoot the breeze There are 27 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: George Washington — quitting as commander in chief of the American armed forces — had a farewell dinner at Frauncea Tavern in New York.

The time when you really need us is right now. We'd show you how to enjoy your favorite holiday treats, with all the stuffings, without stuffing yourself.

Learn to eat—not diet! At Weight Watchers', you lose weight without gimmicks or expensive supplements. And you team to keep it off.

Offer valid only with this ad and may not be combined with any other discount or special rate. Valid in Area 3 1 , New Jersey only. New Styles Arriving Daily!

Reductions In All Departments! Each Saaday ia The Register. Red Bank insnhwiadial of schools, will answer aaestiaas from readers.

Qunlioas should be forwarded to The Register. Coleman welcomes questions from readers. Please write to him in care of The Register.

Too many people write off any Mil principal of your suspicions and ask him or her to look into H. Nowadays most employers have an mllghHiwd view of alcoholism in that they recognize it to be an illness rather than a moral lapse.

There are problems within the county that can be called upon by the school to help the teacher. They are known to school nurses and to other school authorities Depending upon the lady's condition, a short leave of absence might even be indicated.

For a meeting location near you call: NJ Monday thru Saturday What about the cost of all those pottage stamps?

This is the question I'm often asked by friends who wonder whether my refunding is really paying off. Well, after spending f t on postage during a recent week.

I was wandering, too. I went through my notebook to see eiactly what I was sending for Here's what I found: My postage also included 11 envelopes containing refund forms which I traded with other refunders by mail.

You'd better believe I t! I a m a beginner and missed out on a refund offer because of my doubts on how to Interpret the instructions. When I purchased the sauce I found there were separate labels on both the front and the back of each bottle.

Should I have sent all of these labels? The key to success is following the directions as carefully as possible. When a refund offer requires a "label" as a proof-of-purchase, the manufacturer usually wants the entire label.

But if there is more than one label on the bottle or can. The hospital provides free medical treatment for people suffering from major illnesses, such as cancer, heart, blood and lung disorders, diabetes and other hereditary and metabolic diseases.

Free care is available to anyone who can be helped. This year's coupon book is bigger and better then ever. It contains almost ISO worth of food store coupons.

There are coupons to be exact. You can order the "Coupons of Hope" book from: Coupons of Hope, Dept.

Box , Los Angeles, CA For my son and daughter-inlaw's anniversary, instead of buying them a gift, my husband and I "exchanged" houses with them for a.

They live only about a half-hour's drive from us but it was a nice vacation for them as we kept their four Out with the children with us.

I left cooked food so they only needed to reheat it in the microwave oven and did, not have to cook. When we returned home we found this note: Please make arrangements, same place, same time next year.

It makes a welcome break and costs nothing. What a beautiful gift of love to your children The best gift Is the giving of self and I know that they enjoyed their vacation.

Hugs — Heloise Letter of thought Dear Heloise: Just because your trials are many, don't think the rest of us haven't any.

And though to us it seems one-sided, trouble is pretty well divided. While at a neighbor's house, the kids were just starting to' eat a frozen pop treat.

The plastic top acted as a drip catcher and eliminated all the mess. Offers may not be available in all areas o e country Allow 10 weeks to receive each refund.

This week's refund offers have a U I value of Send the required refund form and the Universal Product Code symbols from five cans of Alpo.

Send the req -d refund form and one weight circle from a peskM f Butchers Blend any size dog food. Make check or money order payable to Morn ilendar Expires March Here's a refund form to w.

P O Box This o expires March While waiting for the form ve three complete price labels from the front of any lenmann s Donuts or PopEms - Just when we think we've run out of nylon net ideas, up pops another.

Do you have one? Send it to; Heloise. T X She can t answer you individually but if it's a good idea she will use your letter in her column.

Notflood 'ind thick round steaks for broiling or bai becuing, thinner steaks for grilling or thr skillet.

There are thinly sliced singl-1 serving "minute steaks" for sandwiches. German-style Roulade or Italian-style Bracciole.

Tender-top round may be cut into cubes for fondue or broiling on skewers; the less-tender bottom round may be cut into cubes for stew, spaghftti sauce or chili.

Bottom round is UM the top choice for ultra-lean "diet" hamburger. With its low-fat content, beef round requires special care and gentle cooking to achieve its best potential.

Coat It lightly with a mixture of wine, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, prepared mustard or tomato juice.

Then, slow-roast the meat uncovered in a preheated degree oven until a meat thermometer inserted in the center of the meat indicates rare or medium rare: Some cooks like to guarantee tenderness.

Here are some suggestions: The main ingredient is papaya enzyme papain , which softens meat fibers by partially digesting them.

Fresh or frozen pineapple juice contains a similar enzyme that will help to tenderize meat. However, once pineapple juice is heated or canned, the enzyme is destroyed.

But canned pineapple juice, other fruit juices, tomato juice, wine, vinegar, and salad dressing, all contain natural acids that help tenderize meat as well as add flavor.

Many cookbook marinade recipes call for oil. Keep in mind that oil adds lots of unnecessary calories and does nothing to promote tenderness.

Tenderizing marinades are slow-working. For best results, combine the meat and marinating liquid plus herbs and seasonings in a plastic bag.

Set the bag in a bowl to catch any leakage. Place in the refrigerator all day or overnight. Box CM, Sparta, N. Patrick, symbol of the presidency of the group, by Arthur Young, former president.

Craddock was installed as president during the group's annual dinner recently at at Doolan's Motor Lodge. More than persons attended the affair.

Sam Straniere Rucci , Montgomery Terr. Charles Walpole Tillson , 67 Linden A v e. John Bacigalupi Zusack , Rumson Rd. Vincent Fenty Bailey , 16 Kentucky Ave.

Anyone willing to Ms. Supervising this effort to assist those in need are the various office managers: Carey Heck, Route 35, Shrewsbury, Craig Road and Route 9.

Tom Walsh, Route 9: In constructed of 3 0 0 August an accounting from white lights. Foods that are urgently needed include: Also required are juices: Look for additional Pillsbury and Green Giant coupons In most.

For Foi or part f. Thaca Mil bo no Herbert St.. Board Secretarytorap- home, flexible houra. School Bualnaaa Adminletretor 6 Lost and Found 1.

Cell Pieeea Una Notice met on the ver. Personitions ere ovsaabla supervising Mon. Muat be able to Red Bank Municipal Bunding.

Equal ai which lima and ploca all claesltlcsllon benefits. Red Bank len-Hme home assembly work. Call our home. Ihe lace ol the own trenaportaUon Kramer Flo I lende.

Lab mouth Beach area. Red Bank Police Deequipment. We currently heve 7 pendable, lull or pert time, u p for Laurie.

Need 3 Salary, Branch Ave.. No Call between 1 to 3 p m ing Jen. Experienced or beginners Cleaners. Red pleaee call during sxp Csll N J An Equal Opami 2 yr.

Desirable perm, position 11 boneKto a ealery Please apply in babyelltoryoulnmyl ssssry Furl or pert-time. Call iniafaatad parsona win ba ft.

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